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Les liens sur les cornemuses


The Asturian Pipe - Espagne

Ancestral Instruments (David Marshall)
Le Bagad Ar Meilho Glaz
The Bagpipes of Poitou - cornemuse - Ventes - CDs, Gaida, etc...
Balkan Music 
Balkan Music; A personal Journey  (CD's)
Bulgarian Bagpiper -  Krassimir Kondov
Bulgarian Folk Musical Instruments (Gaida) 
Bulgarian Folk Instruments (from Lark in the Morning) 
Calamus International Association (Zampogna)
Circolo della Zampogna (Italie)
Croatia, Poland, Lithuania and Gipsy Music  (CDs)
The Estonian Bagpipe - Bulgarie
Galician Bagpipes - Espagne
Hungarian Bagpipes on the Internet - Duda
The Mezoued (Mezonad)
Le Pive nel sacco
Polish Bagpipes
Russian -
Sonneurs  (en France par un anglais)
Swedish (Dalarnian) Bagpipes
"Tulum" Turkish Bagpipe
Ukrainian Wind Instruments/volynka  volynka
The Universe of Bagpipes
Thorsten's Bagpipe Pages
- Allemagne / Cornemuses autrichiennes 
World of Music - Romania (CD)
Circolo della Zampogna  (France) (France) (France)

Northumbian & Scottish Smallpipes Richard & Anita Evans
Northumbian Smallpipes UK
Northumbian Smallpipes Book & Services
Ray Sloan Traditional Instruments - UK

B.C. Ullieann Pipers' Society
Irish Pipers Club  (Washington)
NA PÍOBAIRÍ UILLEANN (The Uilleann Pipers) Irlande
Uilleann Pipers' Club of Paris
Uilleann Californie
Winnipeg Pipers Circle
- Manitoba, smallpipes

Alan Ginsberg - Uillean Pipes Home Page
David Daye's Bagpipe Page - Uilleann & GHB info
Getting Started with Regulators
Identify this Uilleann Pipe - Musikmusé et Stockholm
Johnson's Uilleann Pipes Site
Kevin Rowsome
Martin Nolan - Irlande
Ray Sloan Traditional Instruments - UK
Seth Gallagher's Uilleann.Com Irish Bagpipes
Todd Denman -  Uilleann Piper
Uilleann Bagpipe MIDI page  
Uilleann Pipers' Email list
Uilleann Pipes Reed Making Guide
Uilleann Pipes - FAQ
Uilleann Pipe Information List
Uilleann Pipe Discography & Tune Index

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